All Rest is Not Equal During NBA All Star Break


Rest is not an equal quantity to teams during the NBA All-Star Game. Yes the division of time is equal for all of the franchises. However, the mind sets and status of each team going in determines how they avail the downtime. Oddsbay will look at various teams and determine how they will emerge from their long winter’s nap provided by the All-Star Game.

Golden State : Mindset Trumps All

Forget that this team has multiple players in the festivities this weekend. What is most important to the handicapper is their attitude coming in. The rabbit enjoys the start of the race. It stretches their legs and bolts to their customary lead. Now what it will soon learn is that an 82 game haul can tax the endurance. Now the games in which they would cover and relish the blowout have transitioned from the statement to reality. The win no matter by how much or little in this section of the schedule is just another win or loss. Look at the Minnesota and the Sixers. The margins were not covers but they did get what mattered to them which is the win. Against their nearest rivals, they will expend energy. Everyone else, it will be just win. Look for their ATS against sub .500 teams to suffer the next month after the All-Star Break.

Bulls Totals

Chicago has become Derrick Rose’s team. The necessary defensive formations that the coach had in years earlier are no longer desired by the players. To his credit, Tom has gone with the flow. Chicago will continue to play a run and gun style to work out the kinks in their offensive game after years of being on the shelf. Totals will probably lean high and the handicapper should examine each game to see if the trend will come through.

Operation Shutdown

Pride will come back to the Knicks. The vortex that consumes all the shots will probably be shut down after this break. With Carmelo out, auditions for next year start now. Effort will not be lacking for the next two or three weeks. Against the other teams practically eliminated from the playoffs, New York will do better than their past record has indicated.

These are the lines of reasoning one can take with almost every NBA team. How will they best use their time? Dallas will rest up and formulate around Rajon’s return. The Clippers will get their head back into the game after being ground down by that road trip. Over your morning coffee, take a few moments to pluck one or two teams to focus on. This small investment will recoup itself with better chances of beating the line during the month following the NBA All Star break.

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