At Odds With Maxs Deal


Here at OddsBay, we decided to have some fun with the odds.  The off-season baseball story revolves around the monster deal that Max inked with the Washington Nationals.  Seven years near $210M does more than just change the NL East or the entire National League.  It alters the sport and the way the fans watch it.  So join us with some serious whimsy looking at some of the off baseball odds associated with Scherzer’s steal. 

Odds They Will Beat 96 Wins

25 Percent

This might even be a tad bit generous for over 96 wins.  The franchise was finally on the right track.  They displaced the Braves whom took them to the wood shop often.  Playoff failure was disappointing but they had the core to get beyond their progress. Now they decide to disregard the successful blueprint of the Giants and emulate the playoff failure model of the Tigers and A’s. Chemistry will be off at the start as Roark will probably be dropped to the bullpen.  All of this equates to a monster run at the end to meet this total.  This team will be judged by playoff success so as long as they get in the playoffs, the win total should not matter too much.

Odds that Max will put them over the Hump in Two Years

30 Percent

One of the two greatest motivational forces propelled Max to a great year last year.  Contract years bring out the best in most players.  Now that he has his bank, his drive for World Series success is the only thing that will elevate his game.  What is forgotten in all of this is his mortal performances against the Red Sox and Baltimore.  While he did not drop the ball, he was not the lights out factor that the Tigers need him to be.  Remember without great run support, his 2013 season was not all that special

Odds of a Labor Dispute

70 Percent

This is the event that the players can rest their hat on.  No pleading poverty as a team outside of major markets inked this deal.  Ownership over paid for that final push to the horror of the rest of the owners.  This is worse than the second A-Rod deal.  Everyone expected George to over pay but this was done after everyone knew better than to do this long term deal.  Do not blame Max for asking.  Owners will plead poverty but the players will not budge an inch in the next round of contract talks. 

While we are happy for Max this is no good for the sport.  Remember the awful sweep of the Yankees at the hands of the Tigers.  Boring baseball because when the hitters struggled, both teams could not squeeze any extra runs.  Let us hope the Nationals move one of their staff to augment team speed and hitting so they can resemble the Giants more than the Tigers.

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