Dallas Cowboys vs Seattle Seahawks Prediction and Review


Probably one of the most anticipated NFL games this week comes from the Dallas Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks. The Cowboys currently 2nd in the NFC East have an impressive win loss record of 4 and 1 after coming off from a win against the Houston Texans. Seattle playing like they finished last year as SuperBowl champs is sporting a 3 and 1 record after manhandling the Washington Redskins.

Within this review I will be going into extensive details and providing you with my predictions for this matchup. I exclusively use Americas Bookie as my online bookie so the spreads for this game and others are provided from such website.

For A Dallas Cowboys Victory

Demarco Murray and the Dallas Cowboys running game must be productive against the stringent Seattle Seahawks defense. The Cowboys will need to win the special teams and turnover battle to get a win.

For A Seattle Seahawks Victory

Seattle’s offense must stay productive and avoid silly penalties in this matchup. The big play is not necessarily required but could be if they are unable to win the penalty box. Although Russell Wilson runs a great offense he still needs to select wiser when he chooses to be mobile as the Cowboys have a faster than average defense.

Gametime Information

Game starts Sunday at 4:25 PM Eastern Time and may be watched on Fox Network. The matchup is being hosted in Seattle at CenturyLink Field. The weather is predicted to be a tad cold and windy with a high of 64 degrees.

Dallas Cowboys Vs Seattle Seahawks Prediction

The bookies currently list the Seattle Seahawks as a large -8 point favorite. Although this is one of the higher spreads for NFL week 6 this game actually provides all the right players and ingredients to cause a very close game! I am placing a small wager on the Dallas Cowboys with the +8 points.and over on the totals of 47.

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