No More Dry Scrape Before OT in NHL


Starting this Saturday, there will no longer be a dry scrape of the ice court between the end of regulation and start of the overtime.

It turns out that using the resurfacing machines to clean the playing surface will take too long and it seems not to be fair for the fans Campbell said. The method to use machines for this task was implemented at the start of the 2014-2015  season, hoping the cleaner ice would improve the play during OT.

You are probably wondering what’s gonna happen next. Well, instead of using machines–the ice will be shoveled by hand just like is traditionally done during TV commercials timeouts, this will be the only procedure to do after the regulation and coming into the OT. It takes around 90 seconds to two minutes to get back up and playing.

Eliminating the dry scrape did not have to be studied until March, the Managers were convinced it was time to make and immediate change.


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