Oregon Ducks Vs UCLA Prediction and Review


The Oregon Ducks come into this week with a bruised ego and for the first time in 7 years they have a chance to actually lose back to back games. UCLA is hungry for this chance and comes into this game with a matching 4 wins 1 loss record. Within this review I will predict who will win and what betting options for the game are available to you at Bet33

How Oregon Can Win

Oregon needs to get back to playing Oregon football. A slip up against a team like Arizona is possible with many teams and should be expected in the sport. Oregon needs to avoid silly penalties especially on large yardage plays and run the offense how they do it on a regular basis.

How UCLA Can Win

UCLA will probably come out strong but they will need to avoid the comeback and mass scoring rushes the Ducks are able to do on a regular basis. For UCLA to win this matchup it’s going to all come down to the defense and the special teams performances. If this game was to potentially go to overtime it might benefit UCLA to gamble early as this will offer them a chance to get a win or loss based on one play etc.

Gameday Information

Oregon and UCLA are currently preparing for this weekends match at the Rose Bowl.  Scheduled for the 11th, kick-off will be at 3:30 pm eastern time.  FOX television will be airing the game for home viewers.

Oregon Ducks Vs UCLA Prediction

I think the Oregon Ducks get back on track with a win over the UCLA Bruins. Currently the bookmakers have the Oregon ducks as a one and a half point favorite over the Bruins with a under over total 69.5. I personally do not like the total as that can literally go either way and would be a flip of a coin. My prediction is take the Ducks at -1.5 for as many units as you can afford and thank me later.