The Jagged Edge of Being Square


Traditional wisdom can corner handicappers and prevent them from assessing the entire landscape. One of the theories that has gained traction in the wagering world is this. American professional leagues that run eighty games or over, the only way to really make a profit is with selective underdog wagering. Day after day, people excavate the lines in search of that +ML that will come through for that with a little bit extra. But what if we have been looking in the wrong direction this entire time?

ATB Does the Digging

Our friends at Ask the Bookie decided to do the leg work for this project. They are highlighting the holiday action with a selection a day. The one they go with is the largest consensus from a very public site. An NHL selection a day no matter what the chalk is on that pick. A wager is placed so that the amount won is always equal to $100. The units are in terms of one hundred dollars also. Thirty days was the time frame. Oddsbay peeked in to see how this was progressing.

Squarer Than a Right Angle

A term like square was meant to be derogatory in terms of talent and thought process. This tailing off of a public poll with no qualms of pulling the trigger each and every day is most robotic in nature. It has no element of being sharp in it as devil be dammed, the wager will be placed. The result is ……. A profit and a rather tasty one at that. To get to that level, the pucks had to bounce their way more often than not. The Sharks rallied for two in the third to overcome the anemic Oilers and avoid a -255 body blow to the bankroll. While this is short term and even the allotted time frame is not definitive, it is encouraging the amount of perception the casual fan has in the league.

So take everything with a grain of salt. Theories proven and etched in stone suffer from erosion now and again. Some of the more silly ideas that go counter to logical thought can pay off as seen by the ATB trial. In the end, hard work usually trumps all other effort. So sit back Oddsbay with that afternoon cup of coffee and get fueled up to read up and model your favorite league. Increase your edge over the competition by investigating the theories and articles put forth on Oddsbay. Have a happy holiday and we will recap the Christmas action the next time we speak.

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