Where Math Fails the Industry with the Clippers

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Appropriate that this subject matter comes up the day after Christmas. Items that were neatly wrapped in boxes are thrown about underneath the tree. Now it is the morning after and some of them have to go back inside the box. Try as you may, the neat way it had originally fit no longer works. This scenario is what the bookmakers face when dealing with certain teams. They seem to be the easiest to handicap but do not regularly conform to these norms. We will examine one team in particular that plays up or down depending on their competition.

Effort Intensive Clippers

No team goes with the current of their schedule better than the Los Angeles Clippers. This franchise is one of the more scenario dependent squads in professional sports. While most have a lunch pail mentality with going to work, this workforce is all about genius. Sometimes, the creative ones do not even bother to show up. Other occasions for the hours that they do put in, great beauty and world beating results do occur. How do you even establish the bar when it is so dependent on what team will show up?

Throw in Brand Name

Chris Paul and his insurance commercials. Blake posterizing people at will. ESPN convinces the casual fan of the true greatness of this team. This causes people to become lemming like with this team. They will bet bad numbers in the belief that they will cover while providing a spectacle to behold. People love to tail teams like these. As a result, the line has to be further off from the “truth” because some will bet on them under almost any circumstance or spread.

The key to remember is that the line with the Clippers does not represent an accurate portrayal of the game at hand. It is meant to purely balance out the action so the books can collect their vig and not be overly exposed. So create and log your observations about this team. It should be no surprise that they crushed the Warriors 100-86 recently. Their losses at Washington, Milwaukee, and at home against Atlanta should not have turned heads to the observant. Wait for the right situation with this team. A game that means little against a physically imposing team. Throw in a few games in five days and the situation is ripe for a lean against a faulty line. This is how you beat the books. Selectively wager on Clippers games this year and your profit will blossom.

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