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Football is a word used to name several sports. There is a sport known as soccer to Americans and football to rest of the world. In United States of America it means what in the rest of the world is called american football.

For the sport it is necessary to develop athletic skills such as physical strength, agility and endurance. In addition, the player should always use safety equipment (helmet with chin guard and reinforced shoulder and knee pads) to prevent injuries.

It includes 11 offensive and 11 defensive players. The game is that the attacker squad reached in a maximum of four times, advancing 10 yards partialities to bring to the area ovoid end of the field 100 yards long and 57 wide, to score a touchdown, which has a value of six points. (A yard is equal to 0.914 meters). Ten yards were added to each end of the horizontal part, to the END ZONE or ZONES BRAND.

The object is to cross, with the peculiar ball, the goal line of the opposing team. The offensive team block and take the ovoid, while the defensive team tries to impede their progress, both by land (running) or air (for a pass to another player). If it is not possible to score a touchdown, they can opt to kick a field goal which is worth three points.

The match is divided into four parts, each of 15 minutes. This sport has been listed as a deep strategy and discipline, and it is often associated with military training, and even that is a metaphor for war. According to knowledgeable in the field to practice requires a high degree of skill and speed.
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American football was born over 100 years in the United States. It is one of the most competitive contact sports in the world where the player requires great discipline, physical training and mental preparation.

The “football” name may seem odd for the american football sport, as the participants’ feet rarely touch the ovoid and kick the ball is allowed only on certain occasions. This sport descends in direct line from rugby, which in turn descends from the football soccer.

In 1888 one of the most important rules that differentiate one practice from the other was introduced, which was to take the player by the waist to prevent their advance, which turned the football much more violent. The game was banned in 1906 because in the course of the season before that year there were 20 dead and 160 seriously injured.

To avoid its extinction, the President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt had personally to intervene and suggested new rules for that sport was more smooth, but without aggressiveness. Since then the discipline was based on speed to move forward and score. There were more points for a field goal than a touchdown. In 1906 the pass was legalized the forward pass behind the line of scrimmage and in 1909 the field goal points went dowm from 4 to 3.

Since 1912, the touchdown is worth 6 points.
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Football season is finally here. It’s time to start thinking about tailgating, college football rankings, office pools, and of course, football betting. This site is different than most other football sites because we focus on football betting. We teach you the best ways to make money by betting on football. There are many ways to bet on football, and from now and through out the football season we will look at both college and pro angles and trends. All of the articles in this football betting section are written by handicappers who wager their hard earned cash on a weekly basis. Their opinions are formed from years of betting and beating sports betting establishments.

In this year’s guide we take a look at college home field advantages and how they affect betting lines. When top ranked teams meet, sometimes you can throw stats out the window, so we have some advice on these match ups. Pro football fans don’t despair, we didn’t forget about you. Monday Night Football has always had its own set of angles, and we take a look at some of them. With all the new wagers that appear each year we decided to take a look at NFL first quarters and how to best profit by betting them. Because so many of you like to bet teasers, we examine whether you should bet a game straight up, or look to use it as part of a teaser. There is also some great info on what stats you should look at when handicapping, as well as what part weather plays in the point spread.