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5 Dimes

  • Reduced Juice Rewards
  • Cash Back Rewards
  • 30% Super Saver Reward
  • Point Mover Special Reward Program


  • Casino Rebate Rewards Program
  • n the House Reward Program
  • Free Payout Rewards Program
  • Bonus Casino Rewards
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  • Betting site
  • Customer service
  • Promotion process

5 Dimes info

Name 5 Dimes
Minimum Deposit $10


5Dimes is an offshore betting company founded in 1996, with more than 20 years in the gambling industry they gain the reputation of being one of the most reliable betting sites on the market. 5Dimes promises a top of the line betting experience with the best odds and a giant selection of lines. They have 20 sports that players can bet on such as the traditional: football, basketball, hockey, and golf. With some untraditional events like spelling bee, puppy bowl, and competitive eating.
The 5Dimes company is committed not only to players but also with their community; they have a corporate social responsibility program through which they support different charitable initiatives. This is something quite unique in the gambling industry.
The Bad

Betting Site5Dimes says they have top-of-the-line software that takes its players the next level in online gambling, however, the design of their betting site shows the opposite. Their betting site looks cheap and it seems like it hasn’t been updated in more than 15 years. This awful betting site doesn’t match the good reputation that 5Dimes has earned in the gambling industry over the years, in fact, the look and feel of their betting site it may scare away some bettors, since they may think that the site belongs to a scam sportsbook.

Customer ServicesTheir customer services it not really bad, is just that sometimes they take a little too long to respond. Even though they have 3 communication channels: live chat, phone, and email that players can use 24/7. Which somehow compensates the slow response time.

Promotion ProcessRedeem a promotional offer should be an easy process, most sportsbooks use claim codes that players just need to input at some point of the betting process. However 5Dimes requires that players reach out their team to get the bonus, this is a waste of time and makes the redeem process really annoying.

The Good

  • Almost everyone is Welcome
  • Unlike some betting site where they have a huge list of excluded countries which are not allowed to place bets on the site, 5Dimes welcomes almost everybody, especially US bettors. There just a few countries like the UK, France, Portugal, Ukraine, Hungary and Costa Rica that are excluded.
  • Money Transactions: 5Dimes has a record of over 15 years of processing money transactions fast and without any unresolved claim. The record speaks for itself; 5Dimes is one of the most reliable sportsbook on the market when it comes to money transactions. They have six different deposit and withdrawal methods which mean that most players wouldn’t have problems finding a banking method that is suitable for them.
  • Bets Sort: Despite their outdate design, 5Dimes betting site has a very useful featured that most sportsbooks on the market don’t offer. This is sort by bet type; this allows players to see all the sports available for a specific wager type.
  • Reduced Juice: 5Dimes offer good odds and on top of that players can access reduced juice bets, this is a great feature for bettors that are looking to score more profit from their bets, and want to reduce the bookie’s edge on each bet.
The Treats

When it comes to promotions and bonus, 5Dimes has not rival, they offer a wide range of bonus that can be applied to almost every sport and casino game on the betting site. For example, the New Player Reward grants up to $520 in free play bonus cash when players make their first deposit. To earn to the total amount of $520 players need to deposit $2,000.
5Dimes even offers a bonus for reload deposits, if a bettors needs to add more funds to their account the Reload Reward will grant up to $500 in free play cash.
Their online casino also features bonus like the all red 5-5-5-5 bonus which allows blackjack players to earn up to $50,000 of cash if they can get a hand with an all red 5-5-5-5.
And even their racebook has a track odds plus 10% promo.
There are all kind of interesting and profitable bonus for bettors on 5Dimes, the downside as we mentioned earlier is that to claim or apply any of this bonus, bettors have to contact 5Dimes team making all the process pretty inconvenient.

Other Services
  • Casino5Dimes offers three different casinos; this is something strange since there is no other betting site that offers three casinos at the same time. The casinos are Grand Casino, Jackpot Casino, and Bonus Casino, each one has their own set of games.
  • Across the three casinos, players can find 150 video poker games, 50 table games, 200 slot games and some casual games such as video bingo, virtual racebook, video keno, treasure tree, predictor, and skratcherz.
  • 5Dimes really stands out for their massive game selection and all the games run smoothly.
  • Mobile BettingDespite having such a sloppy website, 5Dimes manage to offers a great mobile betting experience, where players can access and use all the services of the sportsbook and the casinos from their tablet or smartphone. There’s no app, is just a mobile-friendly version of the web, even though the experience is pretty good and pleasant.
Final Thoughts

At first, 5Dimes may not seem like the best betting site on the market, in fact, many bettors will have second guesses to place a due to their outdated website design. However, underneath that sloppy look lies one of the best gambling companies in the world. They really care about their customers and a proven record of more than 15 years without any unresolved claim is more than enough to know that you can bet on 5Dimes with confidence.

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