How do I bet on Props

The prop bet or simply a prop it’s the sports betting on a proposition. We are talking about a wager that’s placed on anything other than a point spread, money line or game total score. This type of wager might be is anything from which team will score first, to which quarterback will have the most passing yards or any other scenario described by a sportsbook webpage.

Usually, sportsbooks do well on prop betting due to props are driven by public interest and perception. Most of the bettors play them exclusively for amusing in hopes of a payment and don’t really give them too much thought.

The majority of sportsbooks spend much less time as well, making sure the lines are sharp on props than they do on more traditional lines such as point spreads, money lines and over/under totals. As an alternative, they charge extra juice on props, making it easier for them to profit from these types of wagers.

Some folks define props as “dumb bets” due to their popularity among casual bettors and the increased juice, there are plenty of bettors who make very good money wagering on them by putting extra thought on it.

Generally, most bettor wagers on games in team sports like football or basketball and focuses on handicapping the teams as a whole; while some bettors analyze individual stats and become specialists, like some kind of fantasy sports gurus.

The reason props remain the easiest wager to beat relates largely to careless bookmaking. With several hundred lines to produce and handle, lines managers are content with simplistic methods and low betting limits for small market props. So it’s quite possible for a serious low to mid-stake pro to study a single prop deeply than the oddsmaker that created it.

All that because sportsbooks simply don’t have the time to focus on every single player on which they offer a prop bet and that is why lines are set using the basics, such as a player’s average stats and the average stats of the defense or pitcher he is facing.

Bettors have the edge over sportsbooks regarding this simply because they have the time and the energy to dig deeper. Who will win MVP season award? Who will be offensive rookie of the year? Is the 100 percent healthy? With hundreds of prop bets available every week, you will surely find regular discrepancies if you look hard enough and research.

One discrepancy, in particular, you can come across involves lines appearing too high. Casual bettors frequently like to bet popular players to go Over the posted total, and the lines are adjusted as a result. On the other hand, the better bet is to find projections that are way too high and have enough value on the Under to surmount the extra juice.

One thing must be clear about prop betting, as a rule, the more smart bettors there are betting props, the lower the opportunity becomes. So if you really want to be good at props you have to pick things up in bits and pieces. Meanwhile, you will need to do some serious research to get to the point where you can analyze any prop offered by the sportsbook.

As we mentioned above, prop bets can be split in two main categories; the fun prop bets and the skill prop bets. As we explained earlier, FUN PROP is made strictly for entertainment purposes and will be very hard for you to find an edge. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make them, but you should just realize they are mainly for entertainment value only. The SKILL PROP bets, as we stated before, requires in-depth knowledge and a keen eye for locating and predicting things in the game that you think may happen. These bets are entertaining as well, but can also be the righteous means for making some cash.


These types of wagers are incredibly fun bets to bet on, but there really is no way you are going to be able to professionally make good money. Unless you have a insider information, you will be effectively guessing on all of this kind of wagers. For the most part, sportsbooks will cap the amount that you are allowed to bet on these fun prop bets. This is mainly to protect them from the possibility of leaked information.

There’s not a lot to say about these bets except that you should make sure you’re really only using them for entertainment purposes.


Here is where you must spend a bit more time talking about as they are the ones that you can actually use your skill and knowledge to try and make some real cash.

The big difference between the skill prop bets that are offered is the degree of skill that can be applied to the bet.

Summarizing, the sportsbook is not going to be labeling their prop bets offered into these different categories. It will be up to you to determine which prop bets are strictly for entertainment purposes and which will require some skill and can be part of a money making system. So, if you can find a lot of stats and information to make your selection, it’s probably a skill-based prop bet; but if you find yourself looking for the answer in the nooks of your mind or praying god for help, it’s probably a fun prop bet. Indistinctly, both ways work their intended purpose as they should.