How do I bet on eSports?

As time passes, everything changes. Many things are displaced by other things, some are improved but other, some other get complimented. Gambling, being one of the oldest pastimes of all times; didn’t escape from the time’s evolution but instead of being replaced or forgotten it evolved.

Today’s gambling evolution involves not only casino games nor sports but eSports. eSports (a.k.a electronic sports) are a form of competition using video games between professional gamers within genres as real-time strategy (RTS), first-person shooter (FPS), fighting, and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA).

Betting on eSports it’s huge now. This type of betting has gained a lot of traction over the last couple of years. The growth has been so fiery that it’s been estimated that its betting market will be worth nearly $30 billion by the year 2020.

There are several different ways to bet on eSports although we’re going to get through the top five with this guide.

  1. Betting with Real Money

Betting with Real Money it’s the closest way to traditional sports betting, it mostly works the same way as betting on basketball games, UFC matches or tennis tournaments. You place real money wagers at agreed odds and get paid out if your selections are correct. You can bet on all kinds of different results, including the winners of individual matches and the overall winners of tournaments.

  1. Betting with Skins

Betting with Skins is the same as betting with items; it’s very popular among eSports fans which use tons of modern video games features, virtual currencies and other items that can be transferred between players, and this kind of property is highly demanded among committed gamers. Hence, there are lots of auction and trade websites where players can buy, sell and swap items and currencies for several of the most popular video games.

Moreover, there are betting sites where gamers can use their items and currencies to wager with. They can use them to bet on the outcome of eSports contests instead of real money, and they can use them in another way of gambling too; there are even sites where these items can be used to play games of chance such as roulette, or coin flip.

For betting skins there also sites that run jackpot games where a number of players put their skins into a pot and a winner of the whole pot is chosen at random, kind of ePoker skins.

  1. Betting Social

Betting Social is very common in the eSports community where friends or contacts place casual wagers on the results of events among themselves. These wagers can be real money however they are in general for skins or other items. The terms of the bet are settled between the two parties and then established accordingly.

Betting Social is not a legally established way of betting so is not recommend getting involved with because it’s well-known betting with real-world friends is seldom a good idea, since it can lead to trivial arguments and quarrel so be cautious, because betting with people that you only know online is hazardous and there’s no way to ensure you’ll get your jackpot.

  1. Daily Fantasy eSports

Betting with fantasy is not quite betting per se, given that it’s just like Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) for traditional sports, but the player rosters are built using eSports gamers instead; so you can choose between your favorites gaming genres, your preferred game, built a dream team and watch it contest live online.

One of the most popular websites for betting with Fantasy is where you can choose between going for Daily Fantasy Sports or Daily Fantasy eSports, in other words, you can build a team with sports player or eSports gamers.

  1. Betting on Challenge

The Challenge betting is also known as head-to-head betting and this is where gamers compete against each other for real money or items and skins. Most of the gamers basically arrange wagers among themselves and then settle up once their contest is over.

In addition, there are websites that organize wagers considerably more formally where the players and/or teams pay entry fees in order to participate in the contest, and the winner is rewarded from the profits of those fees.

The abovementioned ways of betting they all worth exploring, even though some might be more suitable for you than others; although there’s not much point getting involved with challenge betting if you’re not much of a gamer yourself.

If you are a beginner or just want do this as a pastime betting real money on eSports is the method that represents the best chance of making regular and consistent profits.

All aforesaid betting methods in this guide are included for information purposes, but as said before betting with real money is the most reliable way to develop an economic activity based on gambling.

Please take some time to read some strategies and tutorials on the website of the sportsbook you choose to register on.